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John is frequently quoted as a reliable and authoritative source in the national print media. What follows is only a sampling of articles where John has been quoted.



Role of the Media

Whether on BNN, in The Globe and Mail or in The National Post, John is one of the most quoted financial advisors in the country. People want to know what he is doing for his clients and how they might be able to apply similar principles for themselves.

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Three top ETF picks from BBSL’s John DeGoey

Top Picks from John DeGoey

Three top ETF picks from BBSL’s John DeGoey

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John DeGoey CFP, Vice President Burgeonvest-Bick Market Commentator

There are many in the investment industry who are uncomfortable with John’s view that capital markets are highly efficient and that it is improbable that any one person could reliable outperform as a result of security selection, market timing and the like. Nonetheless, the clear consensus found in verifiable evidence supports this position is correct. This commitment to evidence-based research sets John apart from many other commentators.

John’s investment philosophy is based on the idea of maximizing long-term, risk-adjusted, client-specific, after-tax and after-cost returns. There’s a lot that goes into portfolio design and management and John aims to maximize results while still respecting the individual preferences and perspectives of his various clients.