John DeGoey CFP, Toronto Financial Advisor

Toronto Portfolio Manager John DeGoey of Burgeonvest-Bick Toronto

John has quite literally ‘written the book’ on how the financial advisory business is transforming itself into a full profession. The Professional Financial Advisor III is available in bookstores across the country and offers specific examples of how increased transparency, a respect for verifiable evidence and a clear appreciation of product costs is helping client-centred advisors “win” in the marketplace.

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Email John DeGoey, CIM, CFP, Fellow of FPSC™ for more information or call him at 1-416-216-6588. You may also want to Review his Most Recent Television and Media Appearances where he answers many questions regarding the importance of a long term Financial Plan.

John DeGoey, CIM, CFP, Fellow of FPSC™ and Rob Carrick
How are investment advisers paid?

John Degoey, CIM, CFP, Fellow of FPSC™
Portfolio Manager
Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

As a STANDUP (Scientific Testing And Necessary Disintermediation Underpin Professionalism) advisor, John’s recommendations are based on rigorous academic research. “I am focused on evidence-based research, not the sales pitches of product suppliers. This helps clients feel confident that I’m on their side.”
With this philosophy in mind, John has a core philosophical belief in significant market efficiency and the importance of cost minimization, while still respecting clients’ viewpoints on these and other matters. He is also a proponent broad client interests – including the push toward a fiduciary standard for all advisors. His approach involves taking a long-term view and integrating investment management with tax savings and estate planning considerations. “My focus is on building diversified portfolios that offer superior long-term, client-specific, risk-adjusted, after-tax, after-cost returns”, he says.
This holistic outlook is further re-enforced through his ‘deliverables’ to clients. All new clients receive customized personal planning recommendations that follow the accepted six-step process, a formal financial independence calculation and a written Investment Policy Statement. In addition, John and his experienced assistant, Janice Goodbrand offer clients an exceptional service commitment, “I return all calls within 24 hours, have an annual client appreciation event and offer to meet clients twice a year to review their affairs.” He is also an inaugural recipient of Fellow of the Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) title.

Janice Goodbrand
Registered Assistant

Janice is John’s primary assistant and works to resolve all operational matters: account openings and transfers, payments, generating statements and all manner of administrative questions. Questions regarding account access (passwords, etc.), transfers and administrative paperwork should be directed to her. She can be reached at 647.873.8521.

Brian Smythe
Associate Advisor

Brian is John’s Associate Advisor. He offers a similar suite of services, but works with clients that do not meet John’s $400,000 family asset threshold requirement. He can be reached at 647.943.7619.