John DeGoey CFP, Toronto Financial Advisor

Toronto Portfolio Manager John DeGoey of Burgeonvest-Bick Toronto

John DeGoey, CFP, Author of The Professional Financial Advisor IV

Consumers are desperate for qualified advice and are willing to pay for it, provided that they receive real value in the services that are offered. The Professional Financial Advisor III brings that imperative into focus. True professionals focus on client concerns and disclose all material facts before making recommendations. Giving financial advice is an activity that is gradually becoming a profession where informed consent is required.



John’s ground-breaking book “The Professional Financial Advisor IV” is in bookstores now! It was first released in 2003 and also updated in 2006 and 2012. John is a nationally respected authority on personal finance that incorporates the elements of professionalism, transparency, scalability and the application of evidence-based research to his advisory practice.

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The Professional Financial Advisor IV

The Professional Financial Advisor IV is brimming with examples of how the business of giving financial advice can be more professional. Whether the tools of the transition are education, best practices, meaningful disclosure, elimination of bias, the provision of financial plans and investment policy statements or public policy measures adopted in other jurisdictions, the transition is clearly under way. Moving away from commissions and toward asset-based advisory fees has already helped leading edge advisors become more professional. The book can be used as a ‘how to’ guide in order for advisors and investors to work in a more aligned manner.Email John DeGoey, CFP or call him at 1-416-216-6588 for more information.

While John speaks frequently about the importance of managing product costs, he also “walks the talk” by offering a scalable business model that provides considerable value for investors with over $500,000 in liquid family assets.


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a client-specific pursuit. A big part of John’s role in his clients’ lives is to get them retired and keep them retired in a lifestyle that they are comfortable with. No two retirements are the same, but by focusing on clients deepest, most motivating values, John can help craft a retirement lifestyle for most any professional who wants to enjoy the rewards of a purposeful career.

Planning for retirement involves more than just putting some money aside annually and hoping for the best. It takes focus and discipline to stay on course. John provides the advice necessary to remain focused on long term goals, while making the inevitable ‘life adjustments’ along the way.