John DeGoey CFP, Toronto Financial Advisor

Toronto Portfolio Manager John DeGoey of Burgeonvest-Bick Toronto

John DeGoey, CFP Video and Television Appearances

Whether on BNN, in The Globe and Mail or in The National Post, it is difficult to deny that John is one of the most quoted financial advisors in the country. It seems people everywhere want to know what he is doing for his clients and how they might be able to apply similar principles for themselves.

John’s Industry Leadership

John is a thought leader who believes we are nearing the ‘tipping point’ where the elements of professionalism that seemed to be pie in the sky a decade ago are now being accepted as self-evident ‘ways forward’ for an emerging profession.

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John DeGoey CIM, CFP, Fellow of FPSC™, Portfolio Manager & Market Commentator

John is popular with the national media for the same reason he is popular with his individual clients. He offers clear, concise and actionable recommendations to financial problems of all sorts. As a personal finance expert, he simplifies things and empowers people to take action. Here’s what Mark Bunting, Anchor of BNN’s ‘Market Call’ says: “John has a unique ability to explain personal finance in a clear and understandable way. He always gives knowledgeable, well-reasoned and practical answers to real-world questions – whether they are about investments taxation or estate planning.”